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 Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Character Sheet EmptyMon Feb 09, 2009 10:50 am

This characer sheet is the first step in creating a character. You cannot copy a character in the Naruto series.

Name: Has to be japenese style e.g. Uchiha Sasuke.
Age: Has to be 8 or older.
Height: Make their hight realistic, no 10 foot giants.
Appearance: You will be posting an avatar via
Nindo: A saying
Village: Out of the five stated at the bottom
Clan: Look at the list at the bottom (optional)
Organisation: (optional)
Specialty: A form of fighting that your best at, like taijutsu.
Weakness: A form or fighting that is effective against you.
Rank: All new chracters satrt of with ninja academy student
Inventory: Go to shop
Jutsu list: Ninja academy clone jutsu, academy tranformation jutsu and a C rank jutsu of your choice.
History: At least 2 paragraphs long. (About 8 lines)
RP sample: Write about your character fighting or training. At least 2 paragraphs long (About 8 lines)

Stats: Charkra points 100
Weapon points 10

Ninja academy student

Uchiha clan
Hyuga clan
Aburame clan
Akimichi clan
Inuzuka clan
Nara clan

Anbu (Black ops)
Hokage (Leaf village leader)
Kazekage (Sand village leader)
Mizukage (Mist village leader)
Raikage (Cloud village leader)
Tsuchikage (Rock village leader)

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Character Sheet
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