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 Role Play overview and rules

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PostSubject: Role Play overview and rules   Role Play overview and rules EmptyThu Jan 29, 2009 8:28 am

Role Play is where you can enter the world of Naruto. You can enter the chuunin exams go on missions and much more. Its like writing story. How you could start out in a topic you would say somthing like: (I woke up in the morning all excited for the chuunin exams. I looked at the time. Oh no I was going to be late!) But when your in a battle you would say something like: I performed fire ball jutsu at the enemy. (Wait for the person to reply) Performed mud wall.

#1. No double posting.
#2. No controling the other person's chracter.
#3. When making a move don't say it got them becuase that will count as controling the other players character.
#4. Your character is not invincible it does have a limit of chakra so don't keep performing jutsu all the time.
#5. No one or two word posts, make your post worth it.
#6. No killing a chracter in one move.
#7. If your character is killed, you can't use it for 3 days.
#8. Your allowed up to 3 characters.
#9. If an admin or a mod thinks that somthing was wrong with the outcome, DO NOT argue with them it will be looked over by another admin or mod.
#10. You cant use a jutsu you don't know or a weapon that you dont have.

Still writting the rules, not finished.
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Role Play overview and rules
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