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 Naruto: The ultimate hero.

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Hokage Naruto


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PostSubject: Naruto: The ultimate hero.   Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:55 pm

Chapter 1: Naruto's new jutsu.

It was a relaxing day as Naruto is at the training ground working on a new jutsu which Naruto made a hand sign as Naruto gathers Kyuubi's chakra into an electrical visable form of chakra which Naruto focused it into a red Chidori then Naruto dashed as he striked a boulder as Naruto yelled "9 Tail chidori" so Naruto dashed right over to the hyuuga mansion knowing that today was Naruto's day to ask Hinata out on a romantic date inspecially that Naruto finally noticed her love to Naruto himself.

As Naruto arrived at the hyuuga mansion Naruto knocked on the door then Hinata's father Hiashi Hyuuga opened te door as Hiashi said "Naruto Uzumaki at last we meet face to face and my daughter Hinata has spoke alot good stuff about you well how about a little friendly sparring challenge against me the head of the hyuuga clan" so Naruto looked brave a Naruto replied "I accept your challenge Hiashi Hyuuga sir and if I win you will reove the curse mark from all second branch members plus making both of the branches into one branch after all I am hokage now".
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Naruto: The ultimate hero.
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