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 Silver Mu Season 6

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PostSubject: Silver Mu Season 6   Silver Mu Season 6 EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 1:52 pm

Server Homepage:
Server Register:
Game Download:

SilverMU - Season 6
Custom Server
Exp: 9999999%
Drop rate: 80%
32767 Max Stats
Reset lvl 400, Keep stats
Balanced gameplay
Full Working Events - Blood Castle, Raklion, Sky, BlueJewel, DoubleGear, Swamp, etc etc
Weekly Castle Siege
GM's weekly big Event's
Forum Events
New Setts & Weapons
New Character Rage Figher
lvl4 wings
Friendly Staff & Admins
All these in 1 server - SilverMU
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Silver Mu Season 6
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